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22-Jan-2020 03:45

But none of this is happening in a vacuum; it’s occurring around the same time that technology is upending almost every industry, and human beings are slowly being phased out of the economy altogether.The perks that big business offer may be too crucial for an increasingly handcuffed lower and middle class to pass up.

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Companies are now faced with the reality of the inevitable, and adapt a more willing mentality towards the process of change.It’s not just about revenues, either, as big businesses are growing in literal size as well.Average firm size in the United States has increased over a 70-year period, and all of the top ten U. firms have been involved in at least one merger or acquisition since the 1980s, of rapid merger activity over the last century.Consolidation is one of these trends that can be troubling for many business owners, but shouldn’t be perceived as so.

Many industries undergo consolidation as a response to the market, and to different events that have exerted a significant effect on the industry as a whole.Many small-business owners may balk at the idea of consolidation; thinking that only the major players in any given industry will be the ones that benefit.