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An edited and condensed transcript of our conversation follows.Uri Friedman: As you wrote on Twitter, you feel this is the most important election anywhere in the world since the German elections of 1932. Thomas Wright: Firstly, I’m not saying that Trump is equivalent to Nazis in Germany—to their rise.The second major problem with the game is why do I ALWAYS have to spend time with my family?You can spend time with your family and take one day off but not lose much money, instead you have to spend time with your family for a whole week!Defining the “stakes” of an election is, to some extent, a political exercise. S.-led international order”—and why exactly is it worth preserving?I put these and other questions to Wright last week, and came away with the most compelling account I’ve come across of how Trump views the world, and how the world could change during his presidency.The game can become way more better but colleges take way more time to complete in real life, I stayed 6 years to get my degree.The major problem that you guys can upgrade are just how the job system works.

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He’s carefully separated Trump’s bluster (“Obama founded ISIS”) from what appear to be Trump’s core beliefs.But since those elections, I think there’s never been an election where so much is riding on how a major power would behave in the world. Since the world is essentially organized around American power and American intentions, that would have an enormously disruptive effect.

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