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22-Jun-2020 20:58

While we thought this was going to be a negative, that appears to not be the case.

During our most recent update to our Christian Mingle review, we decided to test and see if the site was not riddled with profiles without photos. It looks like everyone here is interested in finding love and taking the process more seriously than at other sites.

Now that we’ve finished all the paperwork let’s get down to our Christian Mingle review!

If this is not the first question you’re asking about an online dating site, you’re doing it wrong.

We found two ways to test the activity level of members on Christian Mingle. Yes, we know we sound like an excited school girl right now, but it gets us happy when there are online sites that are making things easy for people looking for love.

First, we look at the “Online” list of members for all of our sample searches. We also began spot checking a ton of members on the other browse lists to see when they were on last. Do the people generally seem excited about online dating?

So quantity was great…but what about the activeness of the members?

Tons of singles are no good if they’ve all already found love and moved on from the site.

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Read on to see more of what we’re talking about in our Christian Mingle review.The one thing that we did note is that you are required to upload a picture before moving on with the sign-up process.This is not the case with some sites, but it does translate into a higher quality experience.Just because an online dating site has a lot of hoorah surrounding it, it does not necessarily mean that it’s one of the best sites.

On that same token, the site could have garnered all that hoorah and excitement by being one of the best sites in the world.The process of creating an account at Christian Mingle is easy and takes about 5-10 minutes depending on how much information you want to fill out before looking at matches.