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Chathurika Peiris and Gayan Wickramathilaka went to Jordan for this new year and we got two photos of them together. Chaturika broke up with Roshan Pilapitiya recently and there is a rumour that she is now with Gayan wickramathilaka. Some contracts may require you to model exclusively for a particular agency. Sure, you may be comfortable doing glamour now, but what if you decide you want to do fashion or catalog work in the future? It helps spread the word that you’re out there and also serves as a place for your adoring fans. Keep all your photos together so none of them get lost- especially the good ones that you think are worth showing. Be very neat and brag about how good a photographer had done.It is your image they are using, and you have a say in what is done with pictures taken of you. However, whether or not they will teach you how to become a model is questionable, and some agencies even say that attending a modeling school can teach you bad habits that are hard to unlearn! glamorous look Chathurika Peiris in orange colorful tops and long hairstyles.Chathurika Peiris wallpapers and pictures for laptop and desktop 2015.

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She has been working on making a name for herself in the movie industry and now she has her first film.

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