Cd conversion music collection updating system

17-Feb-2020 07:29

Many community radio stations have music libraries that are the envy of others in town. However, as radio heads are well aware, these libraries are often more a headache. Many radio stations often opt to utilize volunteers over paying per CD to a digital conversion service.There are the problems of access to your library, stolen and damaged CDs, cataloging systems and appropriate handling of explicit tracks. It’s not a bad idea, but bear in mind it’s going to take many months, even years, to take 10,000 CDs and rip them.

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This is a very simplified explanation of how it works but is the main method for creating unique CDDB reference ID's.

Most software will ‘tag’ audio tracks with information it pulls from one of a few Internet-based music databases. Without product endorsement, we chose ripping software that gave us a chance to compare the metadata from several databases.