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Since that time, Congress has refined government oversight of the food processing sector. food industry can be described as consisting of five sectors based on U. The sectors are 1) agricultural production input sector, 2) agricultural production, 3) food processing sector, 4) retail and food service sector, and 5) consumers. This web page focuses on just the food processing sector. If the business cannot sell its product, it will not remain in business.

This page introduces a variety of legal topics that pertain to the food processing sector. These materials have also introduced that each of these sectors is regulated to a different extent under U. It is the food business' responsibility/obligation to establish that the food is "not adulterated nor misbranded"; it is not the government's responsibility to prove that the food is "adulterated or misbranded".

At a minimum, the firm should know which staff member will be expected to accompany the inspector and respond to the inspector's questions and requests.

Again, a review of FDA's Investigations Operations Manual at A state inspection that reveals a problem could be reported to FDA which then could make an effort to conduct its own inspection.

If there is a reasonable belief that food is adulterated or misbranded, the response will be to treat the food as adulterated and misbranded; that is, the food will be separated from consumers until it is established that the food is not adulterated nor misbranded. Federal law also allows states to establish their own meat inspection program but a state program must, at a minimum, meet the standards imposed by federal law.

Restated, the most common practice if food is possibly adulterated or misbranded is to remove the food from consumers. federal law divides the food processing sector into two broad categories: meat/poultry as overseen by the Food Safety Inspection Service (FSIS) of USDA and "all other food processors" as overseen by the FDA. Domestic facilities are required to register whether or not food from the facility enters interstate commerce. Government authority to inspect food processing firms is a critical factor in overseeing the food industry and assuring that adulterated or misbranded food is not sold or delivered to consumers. Meat/Poultry Inspection Federal law requires that all meat processing and each meat product be inspected; USDA is responsible for administering the U. About half the states have established state meat inspection programs.

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Accordingly, FDA and state agencies often have an understanding that the state agencies will try to regularly inspect processing firms, and if a problem is identified, the state agency will inform the FDA.

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