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16-Jun-2020 18:56

It's actually more like what this kid, who thinks he is some suave expert would tell his boys about dating high school girls.I think he considers himself some up and coming Casanova and this is his advice.Still, this is a huge achievement for an airline that launched in September last year.Fly Blue Crane, South Africa’s first female-owned airline, usually offers flights to micro-cities within SA’s borders.

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It's satirical, the object of the satire mainly on him. I ran across a podcast of the author reading it as a part of a radio series broadcast back in 1995 by The Newyorker and decided to give it a listen.

The first flights between Cape Town and Windhoek are set to take off on 13 and 15 May, costing around R1 500 – but exact fares are yet to be announced.