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" Following the release of the 1993 compilation Add It Up (1981-1993), De Lorenzo exited the Violent Femmes to resume the solo career he began two years prior with the release of Peter Corey Sent Me; his sophomore effort, Pancake Day, appeared in 1996.Former Oil Tasters and Bo Deans drummer Guy Hoffman was tapped as De Lorenzo's replacement in time to record 1994's New Times for Elektra Records which proved their sole release for the label. was released in 1995 on Mushroom Records only in Australia; the live Viva Wisconsin followed on the American indie label Beyond in 1999, trailed early the next year by a new studio effort, Freak Magnet.These are things that we’ve always had and it’s nice to continue with them.” “The Femmes have a couple of trademark sounds,” Ritchie says.

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It includes an acoustic bass guitar; it includes brushes on a non-traditional percussion and drums setup, and, a lot of acoustic guitar.The turn of the millennium saw Gano and Ritchie – who are based in the United States and Tasmania respectively – take a much-needed hiatus from Violent Femmes, returning to live action in 2013 with a wide-ranging tour that included both headline dates and ecstatically-received festival sets around the world.