Avg error updating in progress

25-Jul-2020 21:01

avg error updating in progress-53

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Description: When doing this query on the supplied test-table, the result of the AVG's are wrong: SELECT 7406, AVG(runtime) FROM test2 WHERE testrun_id = 7406 UNION SELECT 7499, AVG(runtime) FROM test2 WHERE testrun_id = 7499 The result is: 7406 10000.000000000000000000 7499 10000.000000000000000000 While it should be: 7406 13558.794316406250800355 7499 14373.432968749999417923 With only 10 records per testrun its ok.

How to repeat: Load the attached table and do the above query ; ------ -------------------------- | 7406 | AVG(runtime) | ------ -------------------------- | 7406 | 10000.000000000000000000 | | 7499 | 10000.000000000000000000 | ------ -------------------------- 2 rows in set (0.08 sec) mysql show create table test2\G *************************** 1.

The application refers to the user interface and all components in Avast Antivirus.

Updates to the application provide bug fixes and general improvements.

This is hard-coded as 53 for DOUBLE and 24 for FLOAT. #2: Type holders for temporary tables do not preserve the max_length of the Item's from which they are created, and is instead reverted to the 53 and 24 from above.

This causes *all* fields to get non-fixed significant digits.

If you receive this message, the probable cause could be that another installation, repair or uninstallation process would actually be running.

avg error updating in progress-18

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You can access the patch from: Change [email protected], 2007-03-22 , [email protected] -0 Bug#24791: Union with AVG-groups generates wrong results Patch appled after doing a pull from the team tree.

Furthermore, the number of significant digits should be increased for the AVG function, however, this was not properly handled.

There are 4 parts to the problem: #1: DOUBLE and FLOAT fields don't display their proper display lengths in max_display_length().

Item_type_holders are constructed from Item objects, a questionable design, but this is a fact.

So there is no option but to create a means of passing the information about significant digits (or more generally speaking, minimum field length) on the Item objects. Hence, Item_field objects initialize their min_length (as the new field is called) from their Field's field_length, and this will be propagated all the way to the Item_type_holder through its constructor.

The function causes quite a few unit tests to blow up and they had to b changed, but each one is annotated and motivated.

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