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03-Jul-2020 10:31

I think she's missed him not being there, so she's so happy to have him back and wants to rebuild the relationship they had before." What kind of a relationship can we expect between Ryan and Rob? Rob's the one guy who sees through Ryan - he thinks that Ryan is pulling the wool over everyone's eyes.Rob makes a point of letting Ryan know that he knows what's going on, but Ryan is so arrogant now that it doesn't really bother him.But again, it doesn't really affect Ryan and he doesn't seem bothered about it all!" Were you pleased to get such a dramatic entrance?After that, I made it onto the shortlist, which to me was an achievement in itself."I then had a screen test with Kym Marsh and Brooke Vincent. She's a huge Corrie fan, so she was just as excited as me about it! "I've been really fortunate to spend time with quite a few of the cast, because my character is all over the place and causing havoc everywhere!"It's a very serious storyline but in the real world it does happen.As long as it's done professionally and done well, it's great.

"I personally really like the relationship that Ryan and Steve are striking up. Steve talks to Ryan not just as a guardian but as a friend, trying to find out what's going on in his head.

While he was there, he mixed with the wrong people and picked up some bad habits, as some people occasionally do at university.