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Snippet here: Running Output/View: In the immediate future, i would make available the above code and the whole project on github. Property Model; public class Home Page extends Web Page Code Briefly Explained: The most important part of this example is the Ajax Form Component Updating Behaviour which is used to listen for event changes(selection change) and then populating the other drop down box.This structure provides a nice separation of concerns and by decoupling the component from data-centric operations, increases code reuse.The example that follows demonstrates how to add Ajax behaviour to a component.Wicket is a Java server-side web component-oriented framework that aims at simplifying building web interfaces by introducing patterns known from desktop UI development.With Wicket it is possible to build a web application using only Java code and XHTML compliant HTML pages., which means the method is either very unpopular or very old.The system has recorded your request and will come up with examples later.

Before I delve into code, I would like to give a good example of a popular use-case for the above. wicket 1.5 is the latest stable version(s) of wicket and we are all advised to migrate. B: I used twitter bootstrap in laying out the form.No need for Javascript, nor XML configuration files.It provides a layer over the request-response cycle, shielding from working at a low level and allowing developers to focus on the business logic.Wicket provides a layer of abstraction that aims to do away entirely with the plumbing code.

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We've included two simple examples, which can be found on Git Hub, to give you a taste of what development with this framework looks like.

As you can see everything is Java, not a single line of Javascript was necessary.