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24-Oct-2019 21:45

Thus, the California court of appeal concluded that an employer was required to allow an employee who was a Jehovah’s witness to attend a religious convention he sincerely believed it was his religious responsibility to attend, even though the convention was held at a particularly busy time for the employer and even though adherents could attend other conventions held at other times.It is the business of neither the courts nor employers to determine the tenets of the employee’s religion, only the sincerity of the employee’s religious belief.Modifications to Dress and Grooming Requirements In addition, an employer might be required to adjust or waive certain dress or attire requirements to accommodate your beliefs.This can include permitting you to wear certain garments or clothing required by your religion or allowing you not to wear clothing that is forbidden by your religious beliefs.

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While veganism governs the food a person eats, the clothes the person wears, and the products the person uses, the California court of appeal has ruled veganism “is not sufficiently comprehensive in nature to” be a religion.

For example, an accommodation is required only if it would permit you to perform the essential functions of your job.

As our New Jersey religious accommodation attorneys can explain, employers are not required to provide an accommodation for your religious beliefs if it (1) would be unreasonably expensive or difficult to provide; (2) would significantly interfere with workplace safety or prevent the employer from operating efficiently; or (3) would violate a bona fide seniority system.

Once an employer learns of a conflict between an employee’s sincerely held religious belief and the employee’s job duties, the employer must explore in good faith “reasonable alternative means of accommodating the religious belief or observance,” such as excusing the employee from performing duties that conflict with her religious beliefs or observances or permitting those duties to be performed at another time or by another person.

An employer that has offered a reasonable accommodation that meets the employee’s religious needs need not show that each of the employee’s alternatives would be unduly burdensome.

Examples of Reasonable Accommodations for Religious Beliefs Time Off For Sabbath, Religious Holidays and Other Holy Days One of the most common reasonable accommodations for religious beliefs that our New York and New Jersey religious accommodation lawyers have seen is time off from work.

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