13 year old dating website

08-Nov-2019 04:56

It isn’t necessarily impossible to verify people’s ages online. porn industry recently proposed a new system of age verification involving users’ bank information or even medical records.Some porn sites–which can be liable for purveying obscene material to minors–require customers to enter credit card information or driver’s license numbers. Hot or Not has not, so far, been implicated in the Anderson case, and precedents suggest that it wouldn’t be found liable anyway.Zachery Anderson was 19 when he clicked the “heart” on a picture of a 17-year-old girl who turned up in his matches on the dating app “Hot or Not.” That click would come to play an outsize role in his life when the girl turned out to be 14–a fact he discovered only after they met and had sex, the reported.The age of consent in Michigan–where she lives and where they hooked up–is 16.This site appears to be the nexus between the suspect and the victim.Tinder is one of many online dating sites and has been around for a couple of years.

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Though Facebook ostensibly bars children under the age of 13, birthdays are self-reported and millions of its users are thought to be underage.

But under a 1996 federal law, according to Forbes, websites aren’t liable for the content posted by third parties.

Last year, 52-year-old William Saponaro–after being sentenced to 20 years in prison for having sex with a 13-year-old Grindr user–sued the app for allowing the victim to misrepresent his age, and failing to enforce its own age restriction policies (under-18-year-olds are supposed to be barred from the site).

This has now occurred with the online dating site Tinder.

There is much coverage in the media now about this site as a result of being linked to a homicide investigation on the Gold Coast, Queensland.

In it’s purity it is no different to most online dating sites but should be considered concerning, especially for parents, due to specific functionalities of the app.