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It could have been about Pamela Courson.”Certainly, the lines ‘ was a college favourite, and 1940s writer John Fante, who described Hollywood in love-hate lines like: ‘So fuck you, Los Angeles, fuck your palm trees, and your high-assed women, and your fancy streets… Los Angeles come to me the way I came to you, my feet over your streets, you pretty town I loved you so much, you sad flower in the sand…’ was recorded in a state of high excitement. After looking at the lyric, Bruce Botnick played him the old Stan Jones pop song Ghost Riders In The Sky. Ronay looked at Jim alive for the last time in the Place de la Bastille. Sensing his stare, Morrison asked: “Well – what did you see? At Varda’s house, Ronay recounted his unsettling afternoon. It was to be Jim Morrison’s last hitchhike into the unknown.Yet Morrison already had the key line, which he’d nicked from poet Hart Crane, who had written of ‘Delicate riders of the storm’ in his work with director Bernardo Bertolucci. They went for dinner around the time Jim and Pam supposedly went to eat a Chinese meal. It was like my brother had died.”James Douglas Morrison’s final notebook contained the harrowing message: ‘Last words, Last words. Also a chilling self-assessment: ‘Regret for wasted nights & wasted years – I pissed it all away – American Music’. There were no laws about how powerful a radio station could be.That started rock ’n’ roll for my generation.”Morrison – the WASP, the White Anglo- Saxon Protestant in the song – had been a Wolfman fanatic.“My adolescence coincided with rock ’n’ roll although I never went to any concerts,” he said.The original track was left intact, though Morrison overdubbed a guttural single word ‘fuck’ and Botnick phased Densmore’s drum break.Lyrically it was a slight piece concerning a short holiday Jim took in Mexico with his drinking crew.Even though they are back where The Doors made their first two albums, the mood is deadly. Joplin died before its completion – aged 27, like Brian Jones. Paul Rothchild was now in the latter group.“Morrison looked ugly,” he said. It was primitive.”John Densmore didn’t mind.“I used the same drum kit I had on the first record,” he says. Botnick: “He was punctual, professional, all those boring things.” According to Botnick, “some sessions even began in the afternoon! You gotta get eighty-sixed [barred] from seven nightclubs. I hang around mostly with the Irish – and the Italians.” And then he challenged the reporter to a bout of arm wrestling. Not that the other producer [Rothchild] was a bad influence…The band have busked through a meagre collection of material, including the germ of . Carousing with Jim one night the singer had mumbled, “Brian, Janis, Jimi – you’re drinkin’ with number four”. “He was unhappy with his role as a national sex symbol , and after the Miami obscenity trial [August 1970] he did everything in his power to obliterate that, He gained enormous weight, he grew a beard. “It was like going back to the metaphorical garage in Venice where we started. Mostly I worked there in the day and they came in at night. The record works because they focused on each other. The Doors were making the record Jim wanted, rather than what was expected. He was less flippant with the Explaining the new recording approach, Morrison let slip “we do a lot better when we’re rehearsing. but we’ll be ourselves for better or worse, co-producing with Botnick.”At the end of the interview Morrison gave his then definitive attitude towards narcotics.

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One day he stopped the session and took me to lunch.